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Karma Global designs, develops, and delivers cooking and
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Your success is our success

Karma Global has been a one-stop shop for high-quality, custom-manufactured kitchen products since 1997. As our name implies, we believe in the principle of “KARMA,” which teaches us that good intent and good deeds contribute to positive consequences, while bad intent and bad actions lead to negative consequences.
At Karma Global, we are committed to helping you become more successful, because your success is what makes us successful.

Product Categories

Bakery Equipment
Food Service & Cooking Equipment
Bar & Cafeteria​
Food Preparation
Food Display & Food Warmer​
Kitchenware & Stainless Steel Unit
Kitchen Faucet & Cleaning Unit

Create customized products for your brand

img Customize Our Existing Products

To customize our existing products to meet your requirements, we can:

We can also provide assistance with getting the quality/security certificates required in your country, including:

img Assistance Quality Security

Whether it’s an OEM or ODM product you need, you came to the right place.

Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM)

Maintain total creative control over your designs as we produce and assemble products based on your specifications.

Original Design Manufacturing (ODM)

Save time on research and development, and reduce production costs with predesigned products sold under your brand name.